Commit 6d9c203a authored by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen
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meson: Bump version to 0.9.4

parent 6617273b
Subproject commit b4eecc53b602af563bec579c92fb853b1b2cf4ef Subproject commit 44588c2b9e88ba5b9473f80c766ed04384e92be6
project('medialibrary', 'cpp', project('medialibrary', 'cpp',
license: 'LGPLv2+', license: 'LGPLv2+',
version: '0.9.3-dev', version: '0.9.4',
default_options: [ default_options: [
'cpp_std=c++14', 'cpp_std=c++14',
'buildtype=debug', 'buildtype=debug',
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